Keg Urinal

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50L Keg urinals are made using new  Brushed 50L G4 Kegs. Includes P-drain and spigots, ready for flush valve and mounting. The source keg is a 50 L keg, with the following dimensions:  21" high x 16.06" wide (not including plumbing or fitting hardware). Ships in a carton of 12 x 12 x 24. Approx. weight of urinal is 35 lbs.

Keg Urinal Details:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Wall Mount
  • Fabricated in Canada

The Urinals will accept:

  • *Standard Flush valve spud (not included)
  • *Duplex strainer for the drain included, but not P-trap
  • *There are 2 x 5/16" holes to attach urinal on the top, and 2 holes on the bottom for screws or tapcons
  • *You provide the flush valve and drain section (standard sizes)
Product information

Product information

Fabricated from an actual 50L keg


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