Keg Washer

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A hard-working, durable, reliable automatic keg washer for your brewery.

  • Struggling to clean your dirty kegs quickly and efficiently?
  • Unwashed or uncharged kegs holding back your beer production line?

Our exceptional quality, Canadian-made automatic keg washing station is a truly game-changing machine for every craft brewery, large or small, thanks to its impressive 4 keg capacity.

This easy-to-use automatic keg washing station features programmable cycle times and temperatures, as well as automatic cycle and cleaner tracking. The entire keg cleaning process is completely automated, so you can just set it and forget it!

You can clean and CO2 charge up to 60 kegs per hour with quick coupling and removal, for a massive reduction in labour time – and costs.

Designed and manufactured in Canada, and with a back-friendly ergonomic height design, this stainless steel automated keg cleaning system combines ease of use with guaranteed results!

Product information

Product Information

  • For a massive reduction in labor
  • Semi automatic, load kegs, hit start and walk away. At the end of cycle you have four clean kegs charged with CO2 ready for your product
  • Washes 4 kegs simultaneously for up to 60 kegs/hour throughput
  • Ergonomic design minimizes handling
  • VFD controlled spear washing
  • CO2 purge and charge
  • Easy to use Quick coupling system for kegs
  • All key cleaning parameters are controlled by software including timers and are user defined
  • Single button-push wash cycle start
  • Automatic caustic temperature control
  • Recyclable caustic and sanitizer
  • Keg counter tracks the number of kegs cleaned per session
  • Clean design, no exposed lines or components
  • Can be ordered in single or three phase electrical
  • ESA electrical certified
  • Warranty 1 year on parts and manufacturers defects **